More Soon to Come!!

Jul 02, 2013

We would love for you to check back regularly for these upcoming additions to the website:


 - The Story Behind the Story - how our book came to be.

 - Q and A Interview With the Authors (us!) - when the time draws nearer, we will encourage you to post questions on the comment page (anything you may be wondering about relating to the story, writing, the process, our thoughts on the Civil War era, etc).  We may add some to the interview!

 - Fun Stuff - interesting tidbits gleaned from our research, 'did you knows', etc.

 - Intro to Main Characters - a list briefly describing Amanda and Lavinia's family


We will work steadily on these categories and add them in as short succession as we can to keep your expectance from growing thin. =)  Please do continue to check back frequently for updates.  Your support is greatly appreciated!!