(pronounced: yon-i-ka)


 I am the middle child in a family of nine with five brothers and three sisters.

 Football is my favorite sport.  I like to go bowling, explore, play games, and spend time/have adventures with my friends and family.  I also enjoy cooking and baking, English/Country dancing, reading, and decorating.  Art is one of my passions, and I love to draw.  Now, rather recently, I have become a writer and it has been a thrill to write with my friend, Jennae.

 Ultimately I am old-fashioned at heart and the 1800s have interested me for some time.  Through all the research done on life during the Civil War for We Will Remember Paul, my fascination for history, and especially for that specific era, has continued to mount.

  I am so very grateful for Jennae and her patience, encouragement, and creativity as a coauthor.   She is an amazing friend and, because of her, the process of writing a book has been an absolutely wonderful experience for me!